Friday, August 12, 2011

Ready, set ...


Well, still no exercise; but on the upside I finished my last project! I am now free to exercise! Four weeks devoted to fitness. Of course I am not going to exercise all day, but I plan to get lots in.

I got another client last night, I had to tell him he'll have to wait for 2 months. He didn't seem to mind.

My plan is for four weeks of exercise (plus writing my novel, doing some work for a regular employer, catching up on the housework, reading every Australian fantasy novel published this year for the Aurealis Awards, reviewing books, proofreading as a favour, spending some time with the husband and children, and thinking about my nutrition), then three weeks for a client, then two weeks school holidays, then this new client, then my regular employer gets very busy at the end of the year so I will have to give them some time if I don't want to get fired -- which I don't care much about as I am getting plenty of freelance work now but it is nice to have little jobs that only take a few hours to fill up the gaps between the jobs that take a month.

This weekend my husband's family are all visiting, but I am going to go to the gym once each day anyway between all the cooking and chatting. From here on, nothing will stop me! I've had four days with no exercise and I am already feel the effects -- I'm not sleeping as well and my RSI is playing up. I am excited about getting stuck into it.

Breakfast will be my first nutrition project. I have always struggled with eating breakfast, I have to force myself. I can't face cereal first thing in the morning (although I like it for supper), never have time to cook, and sometimes find fruit a bit acidic -- so after a couple of days of effort at eating healthily I revert back to cruskits with butter and vegemite. I have no delusions that this is anything other than biscuits with extra fat and salt on top. Not good.

Last year, when for two weeks I was getting up before dawn to go to the gym, I would lay out breakfast the night before. I think either a banana (unfortunately about $13 a kilo at the moment instead of $2) or peanut butter on cruskits. Maybe sometimes a muesli bar. I didn't want to eat at 6 am but needed it for energy so forced it down in the car on the way to the gym. It seemed to work ok.

Maybe toast would be better than cruskits. Some nutritional value at least.

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