Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Eight: better


When I woke this morning I felt like I was going to be sick forever and it was hardly worth getting out of bed. But by lunchtime I was feeling almost normal. Yay!

Daylight Saving ended here on the weekend, I'm still getting used to the changes in sleep and eating patterns. But did well today.

What I ate:
B: yoghurt with passionfruit, tea.
L: taco salad, tea.
S: tomato soup, apple, cheese and crackers.
D: roast beef, potato, broccoli, cucumber.

Water: 12 cups.

Afternoon is a tricky time. I tend to get a bit hungry, and when the kids get home they are allowed to have treats from their Easter Basket/Showbag. It's hard to watch and resist. I generally leave the room. Today I had to go and eat an apple. Then a bit later both children were eating cheese and crackers and I had some. It eroded my calorie budget for dinner a bit, but turned out ok.

Jasmine got her first term interim report card from school, the equivalent of an A in everything except Geography where she got a B. Excellent report! She also had a Chinese oral test today which she did well on after practicing with her Aunty Ping. Apparently the main negative in the test was that she doesn't speak loudly or clearly enough. She is very shy and this has always been a problem when she has to speak publicly. She is very diligent with her homework. I'm glad she's settled into high school so well.

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  1. It's always the same when you alter the clocks it does take a time for our bodies to adjust ...

    Well done to Jasmine on her school report.

    All the best Jan