Friday, April 15, 2016

Eighteen: bushwalk


This morning Jasmine went off to bubble soccer with her friends (a school holiday activity where you get into a clear plastic bubble... and play soccer. Like a cola advertisement.) then straight on to a sleepover. So it was just me and Aiden for the day.

We did the grocery shopping, no junk except for biscuits that I don't like for when we have visitors, and Aiden didn't ask for a thing. I listen to other people's children having tantrums and relies just how awesome my kids are. After lunch we had some extra computer time and then went for a walk. We usually walk alongside the strip of bush land near our house, but this time we found a way in and followed a narrow trail that eventually joined a rocky fire trail (so emergency services can drive in to access bushfires). It was very steep in places! We ended up in a deep valley before turning back for home - all uphill.

You really can't see from the photo how steep this is - but Aiden went down part of it on his bottom to avoid slipping.
I ate well again today.
B: two poached eggs, cucumber, tea.
L: chicken, cheese, orange.
D: salmon, lentils, salad.

It was my second time ever cooking or trying lentils, the first time was a mushy disaster! This time a little undercooked perhaps (I have little to compare them too) but quite edible. And extremely filling. I softened onion, capsicum, celery and tomato in olive oil first, then added the lentils and some stock for 20 mins or so. With a few spices. Not up there in deliciousness, but not bad.  


  1. Sounds like a good day. What a lovely area to walk through!

  2. Well it sounds as if you have had a great day ...
    Have a lovely weekend

    All the best Jan