Thursday, April 21, 2016

Twenty four: harmony


I've been feeling depressed this week for no particular reason, and lacking in energy. Last night I had one of my weird vivid horrible dreams and woke drenched in sweat (especially my legs which was a strange feeling) at 4:30. And remembered that I hadn't taken my Harmony menopause tablets since Sunday when I put them away when family was coming for dinner, and then just forgot they even existed! So I'm back on them now.

We didn't do much today, stayed at home except for a walk up to the library. I am so annoyed with the staff there! When I joined the book club a month ago they said I would be added to the list to get a copy of this month's book, "Longbourn". A couple of weeks ago I went in and asked about it, they said it wasn't in yet and they would email me. Today they said they had no record of me requesting a copy, and they didn't have one for me! Another library in the area has one on the shelf but because it was the end of the day and this is a long weekend coming up, if they ordered it they wouldn't have it until Tuesday! The book club meets on Tuesday!! Arg! I have opted to go pick it up at the other library instead tomorrow. I'm a fast reader, but even I want more than a couple of hours to read a whole novel, especially if I want to discuss it intelligently afterwards.

I ate properly today.
B: roast beef, salad, tea.
L: bacon and broccoli soup.
S: cheese.
D: spicy chicken, roast vegetables, cucumber.


  1. I thought "menopause tablets" were for women of a certain age *cough* *cough*

    For Longbourn, couldn't you just watch the movie? LOL

    You are doing so good with your food, so amazing lady!

    1. I should call them perimenopause tablets, for women who are approaching - but not yet at - a certain age!