Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thirty: TMI


Day thirty and I'm still going! Not perfect, but much better than my first 8 week try after Christmas.

I spent the morning trying to sort out our cars, we haven't transferred the registration over to this state as we were supposed to do within three months of moving. I've booked them in for their inspections and filled out the forms ready to stand in line at the government office. It seems I have to unscrew the number plates and take them in! Whichever car I drive there, I'll have to do that in the car park so I hope it isn't difficult.

Tim and Jasmine both needed to have their phones looked at and Tim said last time he just walked in to the Apple store and they fixed it on the spot, so even though last time I went in I did need an appointment, I tried driving over there without one. Silly me. Five hour wait they said! So I made an appointment for Monday. And came home again. Rest of my morning gone.

This para will contain TMI about lady business, you are warned. All this year I've had extremely heavy periods, and the last one lasted three weeks instead of five days. I'd assumed it was related to my approaching menopause (although getting heavier seemed the wrong way round). Then on the forums for my diet, some other women brought up the subject, and it turns out it's really common when you are losing weight rapidly! There is a lot of oestrogen contained in fat, and when you lose weight quickly a lot of that oestrogen is dumped back into the body causing an imbalance for a while. As far as I could find out, there are no long term dangers in this. But I now remember that when I was pregnant being told not to lose a lot of weight because of this issue, the extra oestrogen might not have been good for the developing baby. Anyway, it's something I'm prepared to put up with.

Big cravings today, and I ate more chocolate than is good for me.

I didn't get any writing done today, but at least I did start guitar practise again. I don't seem to have lost what I've learned, I just went over some of the easier stuff. Ten minutes before my fingers started to hurt. I didn't make the same mistake as last time and keep pushing on, then be unable to play again for days.

B: yoghurt and raspberries, tea.
L: calamari, tomato soup.
S: chocolate, tea.
D: beef fajitas in lettuce leaf wraps, milk.

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