Saturday, April 23, 2016

Twenty six: self diagnosis


Ah, the dangers of the internet. So easy to diagnose yourself with everything under the sun.

A year ago I started getting pelvic pain. I waited a while for it to go away by itself but eventually saw my doctor and had blood tests and an ultrasound, which didn't seem to show anything. The doctor then suggested it was probably diverticulitis (inflammation of the large intestine) which could be confirmed by a colonoscopy, but we were moving house around then (this was six months after the pain started by this time) and I wasn't that keen so never got around to it. The treatment was just to eat more fibre, if it was diverticulitis, and I was trying to eat more healthily anyway.

The pain had gradually decreased to almost nothing. But recently it's flared up again. I was never that convinced it was diverticulitis as I didn't have any of the symptoms except pelvic pain. I've looked around on the internet but nothing seems to fit very well. Definitely time to get some more tests to find out what is going on, instead of just trying to diagnose myself. The cure to whatever it is will probably be to lose weight and exercise.

Nick wanted us all to go away for the weekend again soon, I was dubious after the horrible camping trip last time but was told this would be different. We started to make arrangements today and it sounded pretty much the same to me! But we have diverged from them, we will stay in a hotel nearby while they stay at the camp ground, and get together during the day. It's a popular beach town less than two hours away which should be much nicer than Fly Valley. Restaurants, landscaped pool, beach nearby, coastal walks, much more my kind of weekend than sharing a paddock with 83 four-wheel-drive enthusiasts, a couple of mangy alpacas, and sixteen billion flies.

I'm still in those couple of days a month when my body is telling me that chocolate is the solution to all ills. I ate some. And a bit more. I have too many days when I slip from my plan. Need some more strategies for when things are tough! I can't only be good on a perfect day.

B: eggs, cucumber, tea.
L: chicken with mushroom sauce.
S: chocolate, tea.
D: taco salad.
S: chocolate.


  1. I guess you are not too keen about flies LOL

    1. You'd think I'd be used to them, in Australia!

  2. Well, sixteen billion flies is a little much :)

    I've never been on a campground, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. I do like some of my comforts!

    1. Somehow they talked me into camping, last time, well sort of. Everyone else stayed in tents I stayed in a cabin nearby with a real bed and a real toilet! I quite liked sitting around the campfire in the evening, but during the day the flies! No repellant could keep them from landing on you. All over the food as you tried to eat. It was just horrible. Unpleasant way to lose weight, I was too disgusted to eat anything.