Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Twenty nine: serves me right


It was just Jasmine and me today. We went shopping in the morning for more clothes for her - she is growing out of them very quickly these days - and then had lunch. Jasmine had chicken and chips, I just ordered chicken... then saw they had chilli cheese chips... and I was weak and asked for them. Who can resist chilli and cheese on chips? Well they were disgusting! I mean really disgusting, inedible. Serves me right for trying to stray so far from my diet. The cheese was runny tasteless stuff and the "chilli" sauce? I don't even know what that was. I stole a couple of Jasmine's plain chips but otherwise stuck to my chicken.

In the afternoon I had my first book club meeting. Jasmine sat in another section on the library with her iPad (in future she should be at school at that time of day). Of course as I kind of expected the rest of the group was considerably older than me. Only seniors have free time in the middle of the day, everyone else is at work or looking after young children. They all seemed nice, I wasn't shy at all, I quite enjoyed it. I'll go back again. It's an hour of chatting to adults about something I feel qualified to talk about. I particularly liked Maureen, probably the oldest lady there and I think she's the convener of the group although not the biggest talker. Old but sharp.

Then grocery shopping, all healthy food, and home in time for Aiden getting home from his first day back at school in term two. And we watched episode one of Australia's Next Top Model on Foxtel.

Tomorrow I really need to get back to my writing, with both kids back at school. And guitar. I haven't practiced for two weeks! I've lost my calluses and it will be back to five minutes at a time to build up again. Silly me.

B: cheese, cucumber, tea.
L: chicken, a few chips, tea.
S: apple.
D: satay chicken, stir fry vegetables.

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  1. The book club sounds great. That's something I'd enjoy, too.