Sunday, April 17, 2016

Twenty: victory


Today I am under 80 kg for the first time in forever. 79.9 kg this morning! I had to stare at the scales for quite a while to decipher that weird number that I haven't seen for so long. Victory!

Of course I have a bit further to go yet.

So that bit of chocolate last night didn't adversely affect my weight, and didn't make me crave more. I ate it straight after dinner and I didn't even think about food the rest of the night. The risk of course, is when occasionally becomes often becomes always.

I did have a thought, that since that little bit of sugar wasn't a problem, maybe I can have sugar in my tea again. Right? And then I could hear all the shaking heads of my blog readers and the voices shouting "you had some sugar and think it didn't affect you but now you want to have it every day again? you poor deluded addict." So I will continue sugar-free during the week just to show you.

The first real diet I ever went on was just before my wedding in 2002, my mum suggested and paid for SureSlim. It was very expensive. You have your blood tested and they somehow work out from this how "sensitive" you are to carbohydrates and then regardless of the result put you on an extremely low carb diet. With weekly one-to-one meetings where they weigh you and frown when you didn't stick to the diet. I lost 5 kg in six weeks and was miserable every second. And horrible to live with. Anyway, my blood test result was "slightly sensitive to carbs" (or something like that) which was probably their lowest rating. I wonder if that was true, and what they were actually testing? Blood sugar? In which case I'd probably get a much higher rating now that I am prediabetic.

Preparing for dinner tonight was slightly tricky. This week extra people were coming. I thought a large leg of lamb would just stretch to everyone with plenty of side vegetables. Then this afternoon Tim was worried about some other family members who might be insulted if they found out these extra people came but they weren't invited. So we invited them. And all afternoon waited to hear back. Not knowing whether I needed to rush out and get more food. Not enough meat, not enough dessert... I was already really cutting it fine. What could I whip up at the last minute if they showed up and I needed more food? Anyway, we never heard back and they didn't come so it worked out ok.

My plan to avoid sugary dessert tonight was to make a kind of sorbet from frozen banana and raspberries blended up with a scoop of yoghurt. Banana makes it creamy and smooth without making it too bananery, it mostly tastes of the raspberries. Everyone else got a scoop of it with their apple berry crumble, I just had the sorbet. And didn't need much of that, it was already a bigger meal than I usually have, with a little of everything.

Later I must admit I had one piece of chocolate that one of the guests brought. So that was a little slip, since I definitely didn't plan it. But then I didn't have more even though I really wanted to so that was a win. I was able to resist going back.

We had our theories about why it was a bigger family group tonight. Maybe an announcement? Tim thought that one family member was pregnant, I thought a different one was. We were both right! But one was announced tonight, the other is still mostly secret (too early to tell people). She did quietly confirm to me when I said I thought she was. Very exciting. Two babies before the end of the year!

B: bacon, cucumber, tomato, tea.
L: chicken and vegetable stir fry with oyster sauce.
D: two crackers with dip, roast lamb, gravy, potato, broccoli, corn, raspberry sorbet, chocolate.


  1. Congrats on getting back in the seventies!

    "you had some sugar and think it didn't affect you but now you want to have it every day again? you poor deluded addict." ha ha ha you took the words out of my mouth Natalie, but I would have been a little more delicate ;)

    You gave me a great idea... I also does those cherbet, but I always need to add some liquid to make it creamy like I like it (usually juice which bring more sugar). I'm going to use yoghurt instead of the juice. It's so simple why didn't I come up with that! Thanks

    1. I couldn't find my recipe for the sorbet so I searched the internet. Many had yucky things like sugar or coconut milk but the yoghurt sounded like a good idea and it worked well.

  2. Congratulations on your accomplishment! The sorbet sounds great. And the raspberries even better. I SO love berries. A treat you might enjoy is a handful of blackberries and raspberries added to some plain Greek yogurt. Break up/crush the berries with a spoon and add a little bit of honey (a teaspoon is more than enough for me). Mix it all up and devour. So tasty and creamy and sweet!

    1. I love raspberries and yoghurt - I often have it for breakfast thinking it seems good enough to be a dessert. Doesn't need honey for me, apart from chocolate and tea I don't have a sweet tooth at all. But I did serve it as a dessert once for visitors and I think they found it a bit tart!

  3. Congrats Natalie ... as you can see I'm catching up with your good news.

    All the best Jan