Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thirteen: back again


Well, yesterday proved I was right the first time! I need to aim for 100% to get 90%. "Not on a diet" means "eat all the things". I stuffed myself while at the movies, woke up at 3am with a tummy ache, and put on half a kilogram in fat. I can't go on like that! So I had my day off and it's back to the grindstone. Actually I feel much better about going back on my plan. Yesterday was the hormonal imbalance talking; trying to tell me it's not fair, I should be able to eat whatever I like. Well yes life obviously isn't fair, I've got it damn good and all I've got to worry about is not eating so much I make myself sick!

One thing I do want to take from my rebellious musing yesterday is that I need to focus on the fun more and the food less. Can I obsess about food less but at the same time stick to my plan? I'll try.

The movie was "The Huntsman" and we all quite enjoyed it. Martha, who was late last time and we ended up going in without her, arrived more than half an hour after the movie was due to start this time! Luckily for her there was a fire alarm (false alarm) while we were queueing for tickets and everything was delayed. Some people are late everywhere for everything. I'm the opposite. She's the one who picked the movie and the session time to work around her schedule so she has no excuse!

Tim took the kids ten-pin bowling today, I didn't go because those heavy balls are not kind to my dodgy shoulders. Also I didn't really want to be around junk food again so soon. I did my guitar practice, read and played computer games. They were out for four hours. I tried to make the most of it as I won't have a lot of time alone for the next couple of weeks with school holidays, but I do miss having my family around the house.

Family dinner at Ping's house tonight. Luckily the food was within my plan rules (ie low carb, I just didn't eat the bread) and I had some honeydew melon and strawberries for dessert instead of cheesecake plus fruit. I stayed away from the potato chips put out later and had a couple of grapes that my niece handed me. I think I did awesomely well!

What I ate:
B: Raspberries and yoghurt, tea.
L: Quinoa "fried rice".
S: Apple, tea.
D: Portuguese chicken, salad, fruit.

Tired and headachy, but victorious.


  1. I didn't like the first movie, but I do like Emily Blunt

    1. When I saw the first movie I actually thought it was going to be a comedy with Glenn Close, also based on a fairy tale, that was on at the same time. I picked the wrong one!

  2. My Dad is like that - always late and he is retired, so I don't understand!!! It has made me totally the opposite though!

    1. We always used to tell an aunt of mine to arrive an hour before we actually wanted her to get there, that way she'd only be a bit late.