Monday, April 25, 2016

Twenty eight: weigh in


Official weekly weigh in. Weight up a tiny bit from yesterday but still under 80 kg which is what I care about at the moment. I always seem to go up after Sunday night dinner with family, but only by a couple of hundred grams, and if I only weighed weekly all I'd see is the steady loss.

Starting weight (Just after Christmas): 84.5 kg
Starting weight round two: 83.0 kg
Day 7: 81.4 kg
Day 14: 81.5 kg
Day 21: 80.5 kg
Day 28: 79.7 kg.
Loss this week: 0.8 kg

Still steadily going down.

It is a public holiday today (ANZAC day, to thank soldiers) and also the last day of school holidays for Aiden, Jas gets an extra day. In the afternoon Tim and his brother went to help their dad work on his house while I babysat my three year old niece Emma (Ping was working). I say "I" babysat, actually Jasmine entertains her with a bit of help from Aiden. I'm just the token adult in case of emergencies.

On the weekend we signed up for a free month of Netflix, we hadn't got it before because Tim rarely watches TV and I already watch too much with our plethora of free channels, and then also signed up for Foxtel. For Game of Thrones obviously, which I watched today - it's broadcast at the same time as the US which means Sunday night there is Monday 11am here. We got Foxtel for three months last year for the same reason, it was such a hassle to cancel again and they kept billing for months and it took endless phone calls to sort out so that Tim vowed never to get it again. But, well. I also like some of the Lifestyle stuff; Next Top Model, RuPaul's Drag Race, cooking and renovation shows that we don't get here on free TV.

I am definitely hungrier at this time of the month, actual hunger as well as cravings. I've been eating a bit more. Hopefully I will feel back to normal tomorrow, because generally on this diet I haven't been hungry despite restricted calories.

B: raspberries and yoghurt, tea.
L: steak sandwich (without the bread).
S: Apple, tea.
D: roast pork, potato, broccoli, cucumber, gravy.
S: dark chocolate.


  1. Welcome to Netflix, your life will change forever! LOL There is so many good shows and so little time... and by the time you watch one show, 10 more are available.

    1. I know - and I already watch too much TV! We once bought a treadmill so I could walk while I watched, but it was a bit noisy and I am a bit lazy so it ended up as a coat rack until we finally got rid of it ten years later (when we moved last year). I'm going to start with Downton Abby which I haven't seen yet.

  2. I think we may be the last people I know without Netflix! I feel the pressure...LOL...

    1. Nah, you're better off getting out into the fresh air like you usually do!

  3. I have Netflix, amazon prime, and now HBO NOw until GoT season six is over.

    1. I didn't bother to pay for TV before because we have at least 20 or 30 free channels - but it's amazing how sometimes there is still nothing to watch!