Friday, April 1, 2016

Five: fast food


The good news is that I've lost 2 kg in the first few days on the BSD (blood sugar diet), despite my slips. The bad news is that after 12 hours in bed last night I got up, had breakfast, and felt so awful I climbed straight back under the covers for the rest of the morning.

Unfortunately my neighbour chose this morning to mow his lawn, then use something that sounded like a wood chipper or maybe an angle grinder basically right outside my bedroom window, then he moved on to maybe a whipper snipper. When that was finally over, our dishwasher was churning and sloshing and then Jasmine decided to practice the guitar. I got up a little after noon not very refreshed by my "nap". Feeling grumpy and resentful.

There is a lot of smoke choking our little valley, I hope it is a deliberate burn-off and not something destructive.... Tim checked and it is a controlled burn so that is ok.

Tim got KFC for lunch because the kids wanted it and I didn't object. I have no good excuse. I am disappointed with myself. Feeling like turbulence has turned into a engine-failure uncontrolled dive headfirst into the ground. I've got to stop using feeling sick as an excuse. Or sad. Or bored. Or stressed. Or whatever. Life happens, and will continue to be unpredictable.

At least the good Easter chocolate is all gone. I will put out all my little eggs tomorrow for guests.

I am dreading hosting family dinner this weekend, but I wanted it to be here because it was my brother's birthday this week and I invited him along (and didn't know I'd still be sick). Darren hasn't replied to my invitation - email is the only way I can communicate with him and then only if he goes to the library and checks because he doesn't have internet at home. Or a working phone. I assume he isn't coming. And it's a bit late to ask my sister-in-law to host, she works on Sundays so would have no time to shop or prepare. Really hoping I'm feeling better tomorrow. Otherwise I guess it will be a last-minute cancel.


  1. Sounds like a tough time. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. I'm not a meat-eater, but wife is. I've never taken her to KFC, she's never really asked and I've never offered the idea.

  3. I love those tin y easter eggs and they seem so innocently small, but they just slide down too easily and you end up eating way too many!