Thursday, April 14, 2016

Seventeen: camillias


I found today a lot easier with no cravings for anything, even things that were readily available. But I still miss real tea (ie with sugar). It was such an enjoyable ritual drink for me. I'd always have a cup after everyone had left for the day, and sometimes when I got home from a trip out. Calming and relaxing. I'm sticking with the sugar free version because I don't want caffeine withdrawal right now, but I don't enjoy it at all. It doesn't seem to have the same emotional impact. Amazing how half a teaspoon of sugar makes so much difference. Oh well.

Today's excursion was to the Camellia Gardens. It's not just camellias, there are lots of different plants on a steep hill with a duck pond at the bottom, pleasant winding (rather mossy) paths. Today was rather cloudy which made the gardens seem a bit dismal, but we wandered around for a while and got our fresh air and exercise for the day. That hill was steep on the way back up!

A camellia in bloom:
 The duck lawn at the bottom:
It would have been a nice spot for a picnic if everything wasn't so grey and damp.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge, Jasmine is off with her friends all day and staying for a sleepover, I'll have to entertain Aiden all by myself! They play so well together that usually I just provide meals.


  1. Sugar is my biggest ennemy... it's so much easier to not take any than trying to manage it. Good for you Natalie you are doing so good and now you pass the craving phase.

    1. Last night I dreamed I accidentally ate some lollies and I was so stressed!

  2. You are doing so well Natalie ... keep on!
    Love camellia's
    Love the photo of your two

    Thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan

  3. Your kids are adorable. And still so young! I bet they keep you busy.