Saturday, September 15, 2012



This is so frustrating. I've hurt my ankle and don't know how I'm going to exercise today. Day 2 and I'm already falling at the first hurdle.

Yesterday when I first got to the gym I moved to the far side of the room. It was much more crowded than it is on a weekday, probably over 100 people instead of about 30. I found a spot, but then realised that everyone else had a mat rolled up nearby so I trotted right over to the entrance to get one then trotted back to my towel & water bottle, weaving in and out through the crowds. At some point I twisted my left ankle a little. It didn't hurt much and I was determined not to be defeated before I had even started so I started the warmup and the pain faded fairly quickly. I forgot about it.

This morning I woke with a sore ankle. Presumably I did some very minor damage and it stiffened overnight. It hurts a bit when I put pressure on it and I really don't want to exacerbate it and put myself out of action for a long period. I guess I will take today off, a lazy Sunday, and hopefully it will be fine tomorrow. It is really annoying though, I had some plans for today. And I hurt it when I wasn't even officially exercising! I'd feel less silly if at least I'd been doing a strenous workout at the time. I'll rest it all day and maybe go for a shortish walk later.

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