Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving around again


My ankle felt a lot better this morning and I walked the kids to school with only a few twinges. I spent the next couple of hours alternating between standing activities (housework) and sitting activities (reading emails, cup of tea etc). Then I went to the shops to buy my kids some new clothes and it turned into a three hour marathon. I spent over $300 and probably looked at every item of kids' clothing in the four big department stores in Canberra city. That three hours did include a lunch break and lots of standing looking, but also a fair bit of brisk walking between shops. My ankle was just fine.

It had been a beautiful morning, I didn't even need a jumper, but the sky had become very cloudy by the time I was driving home, and when I was walking to pick up the kids from school half an hour later the sky was black with ominous rumbles and flashes of lightening. I was a bit optomistic about my chances of getting back home before it stormed, it started to sprinkle rain while we were still at the school. I wasn't worried about getting rained on, but with such a warm day I was scared we would get hailed on. So a friend who had driven to get her kids dropped mine home, there was no room in the car for me but I could get home a lot quicker by myself than with the kids. I jogged (ie, jogged bits and walked bits) which was a bit of strain on the ankle but I made it ok and got home at the same time as the kids, in a very light spatter of rain.

And that is about all the rain we got. Not even enough for the garden fairies to bathe in. All that thunder and lightening was just big talk with nothing to back it up.

Sydney, on the other hand, which is a little over three hours drive away, had a huge storm about an hour before that with trees down and big hailstones. So I wasn't wrong about the danger of hail. Maybe it hit other parts of Canberra too, I only saw Sydney news tonight not local news (while Canberra is the political capital of Australia it only has about 350,000 people -- half of whom are public servants -- Sydney is much bigger so we get their news as well).

Anyway, health & weight-loss wise the point of all this is that my ankle is pretty much fine and I'll be back into proper exercise tomorrow. Of course it is hurting a little bit now after all that activity today. And my knee seems to be a bit sore ... oh shut up.

photo by freefotouk

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