Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grooving to Gaga


We spent the weekend in Sydney visiting family. I didn't make the best food choices, but at least I went for a 45 min walk with Tim this morning and then a 30 min walk by myself when we got home. I listened to Lady Gaga remixes which were perfect to get me moving along quickly. I only have about eight albums loaded on my iPhone, I really need to put some more on.

My RunKeeper now has some free training programs, so I've decided that next week (after I'm sure my ankle is up to jogging) I'll start beginners 5K training and I've set a goal of actually participating in a 5K by the end of June next year. That gives me 9 months to get myself organised. I'll probably start looking for one before then. The training program is 8 weeks long. School holidays start here next week, so it's going to be tricky working in lots of exercise but I do have the treadmill at home now and of course I can take the kids out for bike rides and walks, and use Kinect games. Club Gecko only has one long session per week in the holidays but the gym has a creche in the mornings, so lots of options really. My mum will be visiting, and my dad (separately, they are divorced), and probably Tim's dad too and his brother at various times. I'll have to get everyone moving!

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