Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Effing ankle


Today started off gloomy with a sprinkle of rain so I was undecided as to whether my work-out would be indoors or out, I decided to wait and see how the day unfolded as I had other things to do first.

I got an email this morning with an editing job offer. It was potentially quite lucrative (as editing jobs go that is, it's not a very high-paying career) and I never really like turning down jobs. My first thought was to ask for more information about it, to work out if I could fit it in. But as I walked my kids to school I reminded myself that I had set aside this time to exercise. I need to put my health first for a while. It's a struggle to find time to exercise even when I'm not working, and my track record when I am working is not good. So as soon as I got home I emailed a polite no.

Then I went out to the shops ... again. I had to do some grocery shopping, but also more stuff for the kids. They are having a school concert next week and they both need costume items that I was having a hard time finding despite all my shopping over the past couple of days. These included white child-size gloves (found today), a child-size Akubra (Australian cowboy hat, I haven't found one and he might have to wear his green school hat which is a similar style. I could probably get a real brand-name one somewhere at great expense but I was hoping for a cheap K-Mart version), and a black long-sleeve t-shirt. This last one sounds easy, right? Well it's spring here and no one is selling them. I ended up buying a a black leotard and a cropped black cardigan with sparkles on it, to go with the black leggings I already bought. It was the best I could do. Jasmine will love it (if she could ever love anything black) but I don't think it's exactly what the teacher had in mind.

I got home and brought one load of shopping in from the car, then went back to get the rest. As I stepped down off the front porch my ankle gave a sudden protest. It had been absolutely fine all day yesterday including with exercise, fine all this morning. I didn't twist it or jump down or anything, just a normal step down. It really hurt, more than the first time. I was barely able to hobble back into the house. It is down to a dull ache again now, about an hour later, but it is really frustrating as I certainly don't dare exercise on it. I don't know what is going on with it. I assume it was still a bit weak.

Another one-day-in-a-row exercise streak. Go me.

No point bitching and moaning about it, much as I want to. I'll just rest it again, exercise when I can. Catch up on all the other things I need to do while I can't. And not turn to chocolate. Well, maybe just a little bit.

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