Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two hours of exercise


I did my two hours of exercise today! Tim dropped me at the gym and I did a BodyAttack class first. I've had some problems with BodyAttack before but today it seemed nearly pointless. I think I had to modify about 75% of the moves, either because of my shoulder (push ups and planks) or, more frequently, because of my untoned pelvic floor. Although I went to the toilet both immediately before the class and again half-way through it, I felt like I was going to wet myself during all the jumping jacks and high-knee running and superman moves etc. I had to tone it right down, which meant I didn't feel like I got a great workout. Indeed, I was wearing my heart rate monitor and I only got my rate up for 49% of the class. That is pretty dismal. I tried to keep moving, stepping instead of jumping etc, but it is not at all the same. I need a class with moves I can do, so I'll have to have another think about weekends.

I stayed for the BodyPump class, which was much more satisfactory. But I got half-way through it and was lying on the step doing the tricep moves when I suddenly realised that I felt rather .... damp ... around the underwear area. I was rather paranoid after the previous class so I packed up. I'm pretty sure it was actually sweat (different moisture pattern, sorry for TMI). This pelvic floor problem is something I should have worked on long ago, like many other areas of my life. I've only ever peed myself twice, both during extended coughing fits and luckily at home; but since having kids, during exercise I've often felt like I really needed to pee even when I had just gone. It is rather disconcerting and uncomfortable, and it prevents me from doing some high-impact exercises.

Anyway, so that was an hour and a half at the gym and then I walked home which took another 40 mins. I haven't been overly tired, but then none of the exercise was really strenuous (I am not putting myself down, I think it was a good start). I had a banana as I was leaving the gym and lunch as soon as I got home, but then had sugar cravings in the afternoon. Mmmm, chocolate.

Tim and I played Rift (computer game) for a while after lunch then at 3.00pm I noticed a couple of messages on my iPhone. They were from my children's violin teacher, and said "I'm waiting for you outside the building, where are you?" and "I've left your tickets at the box office". My first thought was that she had sent the messages to the wrong person, and was going to txt her so, but then suddenly realised that we had arranged to go to a Canberra Symphony Orchestra performance today! For $130, with ballroom dancers on stage with the orchestra. Starting at 2.00pm, an hour ago! We had no idea when it was to finish, but we dashed out the door with our grungy weekend clothes on (at least I had showered and changed since the gym) and luckily it was only 15 min drive away. When we got there of course there was no one at the box office but eventually we found one of the catering staff who snuck us in up the top. Our real seats were probably much closer to the stage, but at least we got to hear the last 30 mins. I really enjoyed it and would have liked to see/hear more, but the kids were a bit restless so maybe it was all for the best. I am a bit annoyed with myself though, I organised it but then didn't write it on the kitchen calendar so totally forgot. My fault. The orchestra finished with "The Blue Danbue"which was just lovely. The ballroom dancers waltzing around the stage was a nice touch.

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