Thursday, September 13, 2012

Late for Weigh-in Wednesday: 78.2 kg


I'm not too worried that my weight, 78.2 yesterday, appears to be up slightly (0.2 kg) since last week as it has been up and down every day by as much as 0.5 kg so I don't really know what is going on. Today I was 77.8 kg.

Yesterday we had the carpet steam cleaned. This meant I spent at least two hours, spread over the day, moving furniture off the carpet and picking up the mounds of stuff on the floor in the kids' rooms (toys, books, pieces of Lego, Barbie shoes, marbles, more Lego, dirty socks hiding under things, drawings, rock collections ...). The clean was originally sheduled for 10 am then moved to 3.30 then to 4.30 and he finally came at 5.00 and left after 6.30. It was dark and cold by then with no chance of getting it dry before bed-time, but at least it was done and we now have beautifully clean carpets all over the house. And the cleaning counts as exercise, I could even feel it in my glutes this morning.

Today I went to the gym while Aiden was at gymnastics, and as Jasmine had gone to a friend's house I had a bit longer than usual. I did 30 mins on the elliptical and got up to 4.2 km, then 15 mins on the rowing machine with increased resistance. It was the first time I had used the rowing machine since I achieved my rowing goal and I found it totally boring! Only a month ago I loved it, but either I'm sick of it or I just need a goal to spur me on. I'm finding the elliptical really hard work, I do the same two-hill routine each time. But I have a goal to work towards and I can watch the TV with captions while I do it. All kids afternoon TV shows though. It might take me a while to work up to 5 km.

I haven't really been controlling my eating but I haven't lapsed either, it's much the same as it has been for a while.

I should finish my current editing job tomorrow and then I can throw myself into the extra exercise.

This "Thor's Day" thing is getting ridiculous. I think it has rained four out the past five Thursdays, but not rained much on other days. Or maybe I don't notice it so much on other days because I am not dragging kids from place to place in the rain.

photo by LZ creations

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