Friday, September 14, 2012

Ready to start


Apart from the grocery shopping, today I just buckled down and got my editing work done. I continued after I'd brought the kids home and finished around 4.30. It always feels good to finish a project and send it off.

I still have a couple of jobs floating around in the ether but I don't know when they will land on my desk, and in the meantime I am free to spend a lot of time on exercise. A minimum of two hours a day. Lets see how that goes, shall we?

For the past couple of weeks I've had the goal of a minimum of 30 mins of exercise a day. I've achieved that most days, but on two days I only did 15 and on one day nothing. Not a perfect record, but not bad. 30 mins should be achievable every day, even if I am busy and tired. It's only a walk! If I don't want to go outside I've got a treadmill and lots of Kinect games.

I think my favourite exercise is still walking, especially if I actually have a purpose and I'm not on a treadmill or just walking around the block. I've enjoyed walking to the shops and to the library. Exercising with some kind of goal or target is a big motivator for me.

I look forward, now that spring is here and the weather is (slowly) warming up, to getting back to walking/jogging around the lake. It's very pretty there, and I have a time to beat. I need to build up the jogging portion to more than about 20 seconds at a time! The early part of next week is supposed to be rainy, but soon. The flower festival, Floriade, will start on the shores of the lake in a couple of weeks. I always enjoy spending time there. That can be my reward at the end of a jog. Hmmm... I will hopefully be dripping sweat... should I look at the tulips first instead so I don't stink out the crowds?

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