Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walking and peeing


I weigh myself every day, mostly because I would always rather know something than not know. I hate suspense of any kind. This morning I was 78.5 kg. 800 g (2 pounds) up from yesterday! I rarely get off and on the scale to check, but I did this morning. Nup, still that revolting number. After two and a half hours of exercise yesterday! Ok, I did have some twisties and chocolate. Maybe I was retaining water or something. It was really annoying and a bit discouraging but I didn't let it stop me getting on with an active day.

I walked for 1 hour and 45 mins, a lap of the lake and then briskly around Floriade. I had wanted to get an accurate reading of the distance around the lake (other people had posted it as anything from about 4.6 km to 5.2 km, possibly depending on which path they took and how many corners they cut). I wanted to know how far my official lake walk was. But it was not to be, my bladder refused to cooperate. I have no idea what was going on, I've been fine for the rest of the day and I had only had one drink prior to my walk. And I went to the toilet before the 10 min drive to get there. But I needed to pee almost straight away. I paused RunKeeper and diverted off to the park toilets. Went back to the same spot and restarted. About 2 mins later I needed to pee again. Floriade had a public toilet right next to my path, so I didn't stop RunKeeper that time. Continued on my way ... 5 mins later needed to pee again. Another public toilet luckily near the lake. A bit worrying really. Is it possible that I somehow retained so much water that it affected my weight by nearly a kg and then was all trying to get out this morning? I went again when I got back to the first toilet after a full lap, so including my original emptying at home that was five times in a bit over an hour.

RunKeeper got very confused and tried to tell me that the lake was actually nearly 6 km around, and I had been walking at a cracking pace. I'll check it again next time, hopefully when my bladder is behaving normally.

I did a tiny bit of taste testing at Floriade and then bought some Vienna macadamias -- a native Australian nut but I belive they also grow them comercially in Hawaii now.

I drove home and zoomed around the house tidying with only 10 mins before the guy came to give me a quote on new window coverings. I had to pick up a lot of toys in the kids rooms just so he could access the windows to measure them!

After lunch I got 15 mins gardening in. With the school walk, that is another two and a half hours of exercise today. I am actually a lot tireder than yesterday. All that walking! I have mostly eaten well today but still have D&D supper to get through. I wonder if we will have a bit more healthy food tonight? I say mostly. I cooked pork belly for dinner, the first time ever. It was very good too, but so fatty. I cooked it on a rack so all some of the fat dripped off, but still. Crackling. Eating is my weak point at the moment.

My legs are really tired and I have a bit of a headache. I wish I could go to bed right now instead of sitting up to play games. I'd even give up the junk food if I was allowed to just go to sleep.

photo by Stephan Jurgensen

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