Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in: 78.0 kg


Well I said I would keep doing what I was doing as long as it was working. It's not working. So I need to do something else. I haven't quite decided what yet, because life keeps happening while I am making other plans.

Last night, while the grownups were playing D&D, Jasmine had a bit of a diarhoea explosion. Pyjamas, bed, carpet ... and she was up twice more in the night with less dramatic toilet visits. So today she is home in bed. Tim is away on a three-day conference, so essentially I can't leave the house (lucky I have the Kinect games). And due to my brilliant new scheme of shopping daily and only buying what I need for that day, I have very little in the house. Oh, I have enough to make a meal for myself and the kids. One pork chop. Some pasta. A few salad vegetables.

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