Monday, September 24, 2012

Exhausting the muscles


I had a really active day. After walking the kids to school I went to the gym. My ankle had given me a couple of twinges so I decided against doing a BodyPump class that would involve a lot of weight compressing my ankles plus squats and lunges. I used the weights machines again, but with much heavier weights than on Friday when I was I was really just trying everything out. This time I tried to exhaust each muscle with three sets of ten reps on the heaviest weight I thought I could manage. That took me an hour.

Then I moved on to an exercise bike. I didn't go particularly fast but I still found it a real challenge, my core muscles and postural muscles are pretty weak so stabilizing myself on a bike was difficult and quite painful by the end of the 20 minutes. The muscles that wrap around my ribs were screaming. Then I tried a new machine; it didn't have a name on it but you push pedals around with your hands instead of your feet. It was utterly exhausting for my arms, and I am quite amazed I managed 10 minutes. I had to give my right arm a couple of quick breaks, and just kept telling myself that it was only for a few more minutes, that I could do anything for a few minutes. I finished up with 10 mins on a treadmill to cool down.

Home for lunch then out again for the grocery shopping, home for a little housework and half an hour break, then I picked up the kids. After a snack we went to the gym for their Club Gecko and I got on the elliptical for 30 mins. I pushed really hard and made it to 4.4 km. Each time I feel like I couldn't possibly have gone faster but I'm gradually speeding up. I was totally exhausted and dripping sweat by the end, red as a tomato in the face. So I guess I did good work today. A bit over two and a half hours total.

That's the good news. The bad is that while shopping I bought myself a couple of snacks -- twisties and chocolate -- that added up to more calories than my breakfast and lunch combined. Oh well, at least I really enjoyed it. I only truly regret indulging if it was just mindless eating that I didn't actually enjoy. I savoured these treats and they tasted great. I get hungry when I exercise. I'd just had a good lunch but I should have been ready with a healthier snack I guess.

I didn't feel any pain the next day after Friday's gym session, but I think I will be feeling it tomorrow.

photo by Kvitsh

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