Sunday, September 16, 2012

Damn ankle


My ankle was still sore all yesterday, seeming to get a bit worse instead of better, so that it was a bit of a struggle to hobble around the house. I rested and elevated and strapped, and my lovely husband cooked dinner and did everything else. Is is still called my ankle when the pain is below the knobbly ankle bone? Maybe the heel. It sort of feels bruised in there.

Anyway, felt a lot better today but still tender. I rested all morning but this afternoon popped out to do some essential shopping and picked up the kids from school -- in the car but that still involves a little bit of walking -- and now it is fairly sore again. Oh well, I assume it will be even better tomorrow. It is just so annoying when I had big plans! I didn't even take the kids to Gecko because of the extra walking to and from the carpark. I figure it's best to let it fully heal than risk making it worse. But tomorrow I might go to the gym and use some of the equipment that doesn't involve pressure on the feet, like weights when you are seated. And it's so much better today, I can wriggle my foot around without pain now, it just hurts when I put weight on it.

Tim bought Guild Wars II (computer game) on the weekend and I tried it today. Seems pretty good, but a little confusing. Takes some getting used to, as the only games I've really played are WoW and Rift which are pretty much clones of each other. I didn't like any of the other ones Tim has played. I do like little time management games and things like Plant vs Zombie.

I did do some other non-work work today as well, some reading of things I need to review and looking for new blinds for the kids bedrooms (online) but all day I felt the pressure of "I should be exercising!" I'm feeling a bit of a failure that I only got in one single day of increased exercise. And I didn't even hurt myself overdoing the exercise, I was just setting up before starting! Arg!

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