Sunday, September 9, 2012

Low-carb pizza and back on the bike


Yesterday I managed to get plenty of exercise in; I cleaned the bathroom -- walls, floor and shower cubicle (and if you don't think that is exercise you've never done it) -- then we all went to the bike park in the afternoon. I am still very nervous on a bicyle, I've probably ridden mine less than ten times since I got it nearly two years ago. I am scared of falling, of going fast, of stopping. But I am gradually getting better. I did about 3 km, which isn't far; I wasn't restricted by my fear or by the level of exertion but mainly by sore bits where the Natalie met the saddle. I am still a bit tender this morning. Tim, who rides to and from work every day, says you toughen up eventually.

Then the kids played while I went for a 2.5 km walk around the walking track next to the bike track. It was smoothly mown grass, very nice and springy to walk on compared to concrete, winding up and down a couple of hills and past a little pond. Moderately scenic, although the views of the new housing estate under construction in the valley were not ideal. I did see four ducks, and two very large kangaroos which stood up tall and watched me intently as I passed.

I felt pretty tired when we got home, which makes my future plans of exercising several hours a day kind of laughable, but I honestly think quite a bit of that tiredness was reaction from the stress of riding my bike. I was probably very tense and surging with adrenaline, which leaves the body exhausted once the time of fear is over.

This morning I walked to the shops again with my mini backpack to get a few things that couldn't wait until tomorrow's proper shopping trip -- like some milk and more Milo oats to which I have suddenly become addicted. This time I managed to fit all five or six items in the backpack. I did want to get some strawberries but they clearly weren't going to fit so I left them behind.

Yesterday I really felt like having pizza for lunch but we didn't have the ingredients to make it so we ordered Domino's and I tried the low-carb base. Yuck. I don't know what it was made from, maybe a non-wheat flour? I had one piece, and then transferred my toppings to a couple of pieces of the kids' cheese-only pizza with the normal base. I won't be getting that again, not that we get pizza that often anymore anyway. Maybe thin & crispy has less carbs than classic crust? I've put the rest of my low-carb pepperoni pizza in the freezer in case of a zombie apocolypse or something. You never know when even grainy cardboard will become precious.

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