Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in: 78.1 kg


Arg, only down 100g. Earlier this week my weight was going down down every day, to a low of 77.3 on Sat morning. Then I twisted my ankle. Since then it's gone up up up each day. So annoying. It's also TOM and I ate too much at D&D supper last night. But I am getting back on track now.

Speaking of D&D supper, I did a quick calculation last night and we ate an average of 1000 calories each. Not great for a snack! We'd had mainly healthy food a couple of weeks in a row but last night we were back to corn chips and chocolate and lollies. I am not blaming anyone else, I am definitely the worst offender. But at the end of the evening I did bring up the subject. Not sure how much agreement there was.

This morning was our children's "learning journey" at school so we went and looked at their classrooms and workbooks to see what they have been doing for the first 3/4 of the year. Then I dropped Tim at work and went back to the shops to exchange and/or return a few of the clothes from yesterday that didn't fit. It's a bit hard to guess without the child there to try on the clothes -- for instance one size 8 was too big for her but another size 8 from the same store was much too small! -- but it is still easier to shop without dragging bored kids around.

By the time I got home it was lunchtime, and still no exercise yet apart from a bit of walking around. The day was getting away from me. This is supposed to be my exercise-full time! Life keeps getting in the way but no more excuses. After lunch I got into my gym gear and did an hour of Just Dance 3 on the Kinect. I got 5 stars in every song on easy earlier in the year, now I am working on the hard setting. Mostly getting 4 stars first try, I'll get them all on 5 stars eventually. It was a great workout, and the time went pretty quickly.

I picked up the kids and we had afternoon tea (strawberries!) then went to the gym for Club Gecko. I did 30 mins on the elliptical, getting to 4.2 km again. I felt like I was really working hard but couldn't beat my previous time. When I got home I was ravenously hungry, and grabbed a few snacks before dinner was ready.

So I managed my two hours of exercise today, including half an hour of walking the kids to and from school. After a cloudy morning it was a lovely spring day, I want to get outside into it more. I know I need to apprieciate it now because I hate the heat (and inevitable sunburn as I am lily-white) of summer. I can feel that I did a lot today as my legs are aching a bit. Excellent.

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