Monday, September 3, 2012

Walking to the library


This morning I continued with my new plan of walking places instead of the car. I took three books back to the library (it used to take me at least 40 mins pushing a toddler in the pram, but alone it took me 25), collected one that was waiting for me, and then walked over to some shops a couple of blocks away. I bought a grainy bread roll, and ate half of it topped with some slices of brie cheese I brought from home. I usually like fluffy white bread but for some reason creamy brie goes really well with grain bread or grainy biscuits. Then I shopped, again chose only what I needed for today (dinner tonight plus D&D supper). I had hoped the celery would be ok sticking out of the top of my mini backpack, but that made the zipper keep unzipping all the way so I ended up carrying it separately. Maybe I need a bigger backpack if I'm going to shop with it!

I paused RunKeeper at the library and shops, and my total walking was 5 km in just over an hour. Walking the kids to & from school will mean an hour and a half today. Nice. I was pretty tired when I got home, and a bit sweaty. Lovely spring day!

I bought vegetable sticks and dip for D&D tonight, and there is still chocolate left over from last time. Trying to be a bit healthier.

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