Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quiet Saturday


Today was spent at home with my family. I played Guild Wars II (computer) with Tim and Munchkin Bites (card game) with him and the kids. Also had a brief doze on the lounge. No exercise, and had two yummy orange cupcakes that Tim made. My ankle was feeling pretty good all day and I think the rest has been good for it. Just a nice day.

photo by akashayi


  1. We love games. Do you like Munchkin bites?

  2. I prefer the original Muchkin, for which we have many expansions, but the kids (who are 8 & 5) were very excited about the concept of playing vampires and werewolves in a non-scary way. It's a great game.

    Before kids, my husband and I used to play board games all the time plus card games like Munchkin and Magic. Now we usually collapse in front of the computer once the kids are asleep! But we still play Dungeons and Dragons with friends once a week.

    Why is it that board games sound like wholesome family time but computer games seem like a waste of time/indulgence?