Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday weigh in: 78.3 kg


My weight is up a couple of hundred grams from last week. I had hoped that yesterday was a temporary abberation, but apparently not. And Wednesday is a sucky day to weigh in, I always hit my peak for the week around then! Oh well, it is the overall pattern that matters. And at the moment that is pretty level from week to week, which isn't what I want at all.

I was tired and headachy last night, and just as tired and headachy this morning. I made the rather optomistic decision to put off exercising until the afternoon, so I didn't end up getting in anything strenuous at all. About an hour walking and half an hour gardening; still much better than just sitting in front of the TV and computer all day but I need to do a bit better than that.

A big chunk of my day was taken up with the kids' school concert. They had a matinee today and there is an evening performance tomorrow which I will also go to. Surprisingly, it didn't suck! Oh, there were a couple of boring items and the "band" was about what you would expect for 10 year olds with wind instruments, but there was some good singing and fun little skits. It went for an hour and a half, plus starting-late time.

With less exercise I haven't been as hungry, so my food intake has been good so far.

The gardening was planting a lot of vegetable seedlings that I walked to the plant nursery to buy this afternoon. The raised garden beds are looking great, and the kids were very interested too. Not that I need much help to get them to eat vegetables, Aiden in particular would rather have a salad than anything else. He loves salad dressing too, but will happily eat raw vegetables without it. Not so keen on cooked vegetables. Jasmine doesn't love them quite so much but will eat cooked veges too, even if she has to be coaxed with "you can have some more meat/potato if you eat your vegetables". Aiden is the opposite -- I say he can have more vegetables if he eats all his meat!

It still gets pretty cold at night but the days have been really lovely. Excellent spring weather.

photo by sscornelius. not my garden, but mine will look something like that when the plants grow bigger

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