Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: 78.0 kg -- Take II


Don't you hate it when you write a post and it doesn't save/publish and you have to write it again? I think it went something like this:

* Slight gain this week so just counting carbs isn't working, I'll have to think of something else but haven't decided what yet.

* My 8 year old daughter got sick last night so I kept her home from school today (she was fine really, and got very bored) which meant I couldn't do the planned exercise and I still have to get in another 15 mins before I go to bed because it is No Excuses Spring!

Since I wrote the original post this morning, my day has gone a bit further downhill. I decided to try tracking, and did well for most of the day even though I was really hungry all day. The hunger was odd because I wasn't actually eating any less/differently than I have been lately. But I was starving. I think it was just the thought of tracking -- knowing I was placing limits on myself sent me into a deprivation panic. But also (sorry for the TMI) I kept expelling really stinky clouds of miasma. This rather worried me because it is not usual for me, and because of my daughter's illness. Did I have her disgestion problem? It seems to have resolved now, thankfully.

Then came the evening. And the knowledge that my husband is away for two nights on a work thing. I hate it when he was away. Once I got the kids to bed I felt very lonely. And I lapsed back into emotional eating. A couple of hours after dinner I had a bowl of sugary cereal, then vegemite cruskits (two whole breakfasts in a row!) and then some chocolate. I feel a bit ill now. And annoyed with myself.

And until just that moment I didn't even think about the carbs in my evening binge. Not too bad, but I really need to think about that before I eat something these days instead of after. I've been so careful. I let my emotional eating get the better of me.

I'm rather glad the day is nearly over.

Oh, I found the original post. So now you have two.

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