Sunday, September 2, 2012

Life gets in the way


I had big plans today for lots of extra exercise. As well as the usual walking the kids to and from school and using the cross-trainer at the gym while the kids were doing their Gecko class, I wanted to walk to the shops. It would have totalled an hour and a half of exercise today. Would have.

I walked the kids to school then set off for the shops with my tiny backpack. Worked out on the way that a coat wasn't the best thing to walk briskly in, but whatever. Selected one day's worth of food. Plus strawberries on special. And some grapes, the first nice ones I'd seen for ages. And I needed dishwashing liquid. Didn't come close to all fitting in my mini backpack, so I ended up carrying an extra shopping bag and my big coat home. Slightly annoying, but I'd got in 45 mins of exercise already! Excellent.

Then at lunch time the school called to say Aiden and another boy had bumped heads in the playground and he was having some blurry vision. He'd actually hit his head in exactly the same spot that morning at home, on the handle of a pot sitting on the sink waiting to be washed. Of course I went and fetched him to look after him at home. I couldn't find anyone to bring Jasmine home so we had to go back to the school at 3 to get her. Aiden seems fine now, he is just relaxing and watching TV. But of course we didn't go to the gym.

I was so glad I had been for my long walk to the shops this morning! Otherwise I would be struggling to get in my 30 mins of exercise today. Of course looking after Aiden is more important than my exercise on any given day, but Spring is no-excuse season. If I hadn't walked this morning I would have had to find time for some exercise tonight. My health is important too.

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