Saturday, September 8, 2012



I mentioned a while ago that I tried porridge/oats a couple of times and thought they were pretty horrible. Warm glue with sugar on top. But for some reason I was determined to keep trying. They say with kids you keep introducing new foods up to ten times before they accept it, right? So I found these Milo (chocolate) oats, 90 second microwave ones. At first it seemed very decadent and unhealthy to have something chocolate-flavoured for breakfast, but then I decided that everyone else puts brown sugar or honey or golden syrup on theirs so chocolate isn't really all that different. And much nicer, in my opinion, as I don't really have that much of a sweet tooth.

And I like it. The first day I still struggled to get past the gluey texture, but I worried it down. And now I have it nearly every day, and enjoy it. And best of all, it doesn't make me feel all urgey and yuck. Most breakfasts do. With whole milk it is 199 calories and fills me up so I think I have a winner.

Tim is home so I am much happier and no longer feel stressed about trying to organise my life. I have decided to not take on any new work for the rest of this year. I'll get what I have on hand out of the way (that will probably take all this week) then really up the exercise levels. I'll still have to juggle a bit when expected work comes in.

A while ago I went 3.7 km on the elliptical in 30 mins and set a goal of 5 km, I haven't mentioned it since then because I hadn't even got to 3.7 on subsequent tries. I did have a cold, I suppose. Anyway, on Thursday I got to 3.9 km and it must have been very close to 4. I sprinted the last bit but couldn't get it to turn over that last 100 meters. I watch old subtitled episodes of "Becker" while I jog on the machine.

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