Saturday, January 9, 2016



Bit of a roller coaster of emotions this morning. My weight has finally gone down two days in a row, enough so that I have hit a new low (just) which is great. I was thinking maybe it was just that time of the month affecting my weight-loss and it would be all smooth sailing from here (until next month, and I would be ready for that) and I could even conquer my chocolate addiction. In regard to that, I think a major contributing factor is that in the evening I slump in my armchair surrounded by the TV remote, my iPhone, iPad, and a choice of 2 or 3 books, and I switch off. My work is done for the day, I can relax. And apparently work being over includes fighting for my health. I relax too much, including the muscles holding up the willpower! So I need to relax not quite so much.

So I was in the shower, actually imaging the compliments starting to roll in at my weight loss, and noticed my lower tummy was quite sore. In a strange horizontal line. And found to my horror that I have an "apron", as they call it in the plastic surgery trade. Of course my stomach has been slowly getting bigger for years, but now for the first time it hangs down enough to create a fold, which is now red and sore. It was a nasty surprise. The soreness aspect will probably go away if I look after it, but I am that fat and saggy? Rather upsetting.

But I am doing something about it. This is the low point of my health, where I am now. I am only going up from here.

We had guests coming in the afternoon, friends visiting from Canberra, so part of the morning was spent cleaning. Then the visit, which was nice. They have three little kids, my two took the older two in hand while the toddler stayed with us. The menfolk spent quite a while poking around in the dishwasher - which died back on Boxing Day, meaning lots of hand washing since then - but without any result. I put out a variety of snacks for afternoon tea and planned to only have a little but ended up having quite a lot. Played some board games.

Meals were carefully planned as usual but I ended up eating too much, including chocolate-chip cookies. No formal exercise, only housework. Didn't get around to Headspace. Still working on my water intake. Not my best day, but better than a no-effort day.


  1. I have an apron as well and just hate it.

    I hope your dishwasher issue gets resolved soon. There must be a lot of dishes with two little ones!


    1. The washing up seems endless. Yet we still haven't called the repair man. We are such procrastinators!

  2. The Apron. Sigh. I have it too, for the first time in my life. For me it's a combination of both weight and age. I always said that I would be different than my parents, that I would take better care (and they are in pretty good shape, actually), and here I am. Apron, super heavy, and eating my words. Yeesh.