Friday, January 15, 2016



Poor Aiden's turn to be sick this morning. He was worse than Jasmine and I, my poor little lad. He was all better by mid-afternoon though, my goodness kids bounce back fast.

While at the shops today I saw some sleeper earrings and decided to buy them. These are little sterling silver hoops that you put in your pierced ears when you first get them done, or overnight, to stop the holes closing up. I haven't worn earrings much for months because my current hairstyle hides my ears anyway. I tried to put the hoops in and OUCH! After 30 years of pierced ears then only a few weeks of neglect, the holes were almost closed. I poked, wriggled and pushed, and got the little hoops in. My right earlobe is now a little sore, but my left is very sore. I'm glad I didn't leave it any longer or I wouldn't have been able to get earrings in at all. I can just leave these sleepers in indefinitely, day and night, and my ears will get used to it again.

Grocery shopping isn't as fun when you are not allowed to buy a trolley-full of junk food.

Our dishwasher was fixed today! Yay! When I say fixed, we paid a guy a ridiculous amount of money to find the weird switch (he said he'd never seen one like it before) that had somehow got switched off on Boxing Day while many of us were out at the movies and others were left here doing the dishes. Nothing wrong with the actual dishwasher, which is great, but the callout fee for a problem that shouldn't have been a problem, not so great.

I was very sad today to hear Alan Rickman had died. In fact I first saw the news on other people's blogs. I'm not over David Bowie yet. Cancer sucks so bad. And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, fat or thin, plagued with ill health all your life or bursting with vitality, do everything wrong or do everything right, it can still get you. Horrible.

We're planning a housewarming party next weekend, and what with my family and Tim's family and our friends here and our friends from back in Canberra we've invited more than 60 people. They won't all come, but even if 40 do that is twice as many as our Boxing Day lunch! This will take a bit of planning.

Another good food day. Not enough water, no exercise.


  1. Indeed very sad about Alan Rickman. Cancer is such a horrible disease.

    Glad your son bounced back so quickly! Kids can be pretty amazing with that sometimes.

  2. they always say celebrities die in threes. I can't stand to lose another.

  3. Tell Aiden he is quite amazing.

    So glad to hear your dishwasher didn't need extensive repairs. Don't feel badly about calling out the repair person for something simple; you and Tim had no way of knowing.

    As an obese person, I completely understand about the earlobe thing. I think we gain weight everywhere!

    So agree that cancer sucks! I lost my wonderful dad to pancreatic a few years ago and still miss him every day. On the other hand my mom is a 21 year survivor and one of my brothers is 9 years so there has been progress in some types.

    I hope you have a lovely housewarming party Natalie. You seem like such a nice hostess. That is quite the crowd you are expecting. Will anyone offer to bring food? I love shopping for housewarming gifts!