Thursday, January 7, 2016



Woke up to a world that was not raining! Cloudy and windy with the occasional hint of sun. Lovely.

My weight was slightly UP this morning! Aaaaaahhhhh! How can 1204 calories yesterday do that? Now I am pinning all my hopes on my monthly cycle. Sorry for TMI but I am hoping that is having an effect and I will suddenly lose weight when that is over. Might help with the attraction to chocolate too!

Yoghurt sprinkled with nutty muesli for breakfast. I took the kids to the new Chipmunks movie, I am at the age now where I empathise with the adults not the chipmunks but it wasn't too annoying. We had lunch at a café, I chose carefully and had some lemon pepper calamari with a bit of salad and a few hot chips. Had to guesstimate calories but shouldn't be too bad. We ate quite early but were still lucky to get a table, the café had a queue to get in the whole time we were there. Sign of a good eatery! We were certainly happy with our food. Chicken and vegetable stir fry for dinner (the rest of the family had chicken with pasta). And in the movie instead of the usual treat foods I had a couple of peppermint Tic Tacs - 2 calories each.

But in the evening I had more chocolate.

I'm experiencing a couple of benefits that probably stem from all this (mostly) healthy eating. I'm sleeping so much better! I sleep to a normal hour and don't need an afternoon nap most days. And secondly my ankles aren't swollen in the morning. That only started a month or so ago, but persisted until about the time I started this diet plan. It improved after a couple of bad days when wearing shoes was uncomfortable, but still troubled me for weeks. That has completely gone. So even if the weight loss is slow, there are improvements in other areas.

The big down side is trying to fit in all the bathroom breaks around normal life - like seeing a movie! I won't make my water goal today, I didn't dare drink much while out and about. And I refuse to scull another four glasses just before bed!

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