Sunday, January 24, 2016



Today was a big fail in terms of food. I was feeling completely wiped out, and exhausted plus leftovers in the house is not a good combination. I sat around all day, ate too much, went to my sister-in-law's for dinner and ate too much of all the wrong things then lay on the lounge watching TV until it was time to go home. Can hardly keep my eyes open now, but I really want to watch the final of the  cricket that is on tonight! It's the short form of the game, only three or four hours instead of five days, and very dramatic and exciting. And the Sydney team made the final after coming dead last on the table last year! Well, I'm recording it so if I have to go to bed I can watch it tomorrow morning (avoiding spoilers on the news!). I not sure if I've got another hour in me.

I've completed the first four weeks of this 8 week diet kickstart, approximating and varying the rules as it suited me. Just imagine what could happen if I actually stuck closely to it for the next four weeks?!

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