Wednesday, January 20, 2016



I am regretting this whole housewarming party thing we are having on the weekend. Nearly all of Tim's family are coming, which is great but the party wasn't really for them - they have all seen the house numerous times including duringbig Christmas celebrations. Out of all my extended family, no one from my generation is coming; one uncle is bringing my 97 year old grandfather (who I love). The rest do have good excuses, most of them are actually overseas on holidays or at least interstate. Or have prior engagements. I guess we picked a bad weekend. From the friends we recently left behind in Canberra, as far as I know no one is coming. Not everyone has responded. We invited old friends from around here, we used to live in this city until 15 years ago, one of my old school friends is coming plus one maybe arriving late. Out of 73 invitees, we have 14 acceptances (18 people including the four of us), nearly all of those Tim's family who we see at least once a week anyway. I am very glad they are coming otherwise it would be an embarrassing three or four people. It is really disappointing. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about the catering. A BBQ lunch will be easy.

All the skin sloughed off my sunburned knee in the shower last night. Kind of gross. Still very sore, but I can walk more easily today. Stayed inside away from the horrible burning sun.

Delicious mango and yoghurt for breakfast. This is one way in which I don't stick to the official diet plan perfectly. I'm supposed to have fruit that is less sugary, like berries and apples. But mangoes are nearly at the end of their season and for the first time are a reasonable price. I figure one a week or so isn't going to derail me. I also have the occasional small serve of potato. I don't like putting any food entirely off limits. Problem is I have a few of these adjustments. I am steadily losing weight, but not as fast as I probably would if I stuck to the plan exactly. So I'm looking at things I am willing to change. Today I had my tea without sugar, trying that for the billionth time. Usually I last a day or two then find I can't be bothered drinking tea if it doesn't taste nice, so go back to sugar because I love the ritual calmness of tea. We'll see how I go this time. I didn't have an afternoon cuppa! Not the same appeal. Sigh.

Lunch was a modified Caesar salad. Totally delectable, even in a smaller portion and without any croutons. I piled up the lettuce in mine. It is my husband's favourite lunch in the whole world, he said today. Even vegetables are tasting pretty good to me at the moment, that is what genuine hunger does for you! Dinner roast chicken with broccoli and asparagus, and some roast potato.

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