Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016


The first day of 2016 was mostly pleasant and relaxing. A 30 minute walk before breakfast, down a shady side street I'd driven past many times
(that is exercise five days in a row!), and another 20 min walk with the family after dinner, grocery shopping in a mainly deserted supermarket, a nap in front of the cricket in the afternoon then some computer games with the family. Healthy food choices all day.

The unpleasant bit was when last night's mundane dream suddenly turned into a nightmare, with my two companions graphically killed in front of me in a horrific accident. I woke from my own screams (luckily not screaming in reality) at about 5 am and couldn't get back to sleep. Didn't really want to. Kept getting flashbacks all day. It didn't seem related to anything from my real life, but I'm sure a psychiatrist would tease something out.

Another day down with good food, some exercise, and plenty of water. Why aren't I skinny yet?


  1. Natalie, wishing you health, wealth and weight loss in the coming year.

  2. Good for you Natalie Version 2016.

    Happy 2016 you go girl :)

  3. a memorable nightmare does wake me up