Sunday, January 10, 2016

Boring gym


My two week weigh in showed a loss of 0.3kg this week, down to 82.7kg. It's not much, and I could complain about how although I haven't been perfect I've still been a lot better than when not trying, but this is how it is. I have to stay a lot closer to the plan if I actually want to lose weight. It can seem unfair when some people can eat a lot more and still lose, but life isn't exactly fair and I have it pretty good overall. So, not complaining, just getting on with it.

My goal today was to not eat any off-plan foods (like chocolate). I still have some more evening to get through, but so far so good and feeling strong.

Back into full summer this week. Forecast for the next five days is for very hot, very hot, hot, hotter than Satan's armpit, cool. I had much less energy today. Just doing the grocery shopping in the morning wiped me out.

I did the next Headspace after lunch. I had just told Tim I don't know what the guy says because I always go to sleep (which I love!) so of course today I ended up staying wide awake. He doesn't actually say that much, there are lots of long restful silences where you are supposed to focus on your breathing.

Then I dragged myself to the gym. I really didn't want to go but I pushed myself out the door. I had this five day free pass and I was going to use it! Hot out there. First I had to find it. I knew it was in a semi-industrial shopping precinct (hardware stores and the like) so I drove round the car park, tried over the road in a different bit, back to the first bit, had basically given up and was heading home when I finally saw it above an electronics store that has just gone out of business. I climbed the stairs and found the door and told the receptionist I hadn't been there before but had this pass (waved the email vaguely in her direction). She brightly told me to sign in then pointed me through. Since there had been no offer of showing me around I gave myself a tour. A boring big room full of treadmills and bikes etc, an even bigger room full of the weights equipment and machines, an empty room for group classes. About three other people, one of whom was another middle aged women who came in the same time as me also to trial it.

The equipment all seemed in good wording order but definitely wasn't top of the line. No fancy hiking through New Zealand or anything like that, just tiny TV screens I couldn't hear because I didn't bring my headphones to plug in. I did 10 minutes on the elliptical and 5 on a rowing machine then was so bored I left. Oh, and did I mention the windows looked down on KFC and Dominos Pizza? A bit tempting for a tired hungry fat person. I had a hard time not thinking about fried chicken. So I can't really imagine going back. I could possibly try the gym attached to that lovely renovated pool complex we went to yesterday, although it's a bit further away. Or just walk and dance?

I got home and resisted the raspberry choc chip cupcakes Tim and the kids had just made, by making myself a cup of tea and leaving the room with it. I was quite hungry too! But I made dinner about an hour earlier than usual. Now I just have to get through the evening.

Cheesy broccoli omelette for breakfast, cauliflower soup for lunch (I bought the ingredients when it was still cool and rainy and then we didn't have it the day I planned, it was yummy if a bit odd for a hot day) and tacos for dinner - I had one shell and the rest as a sort of salad, the spiced meat mixed up with lettuce, tomato, grated cheese and jalapenos. It was really tasty, and without most of the carbs.


  1. I had a one-day pass to a gym once, it was alright but not my thing.

    1. I used to quite like the group classes but they don't appeal so much now.

  2. I'm not much of a gyn person even though there's a beautiful new one in the building where I live. Instead, I just walk. Not much of a workout but it's better than nothing.

    Your food for today sounds very good! Not sure I would have been ale to resist the cupcakes; you are a stronger woman than me!


    1. It was difficult! Leaving the room definitely helped.