Sunday, January 31, 2016



I weighed in for my next dietbet. I'm up 200 grams since yesterday. My starting weight for the dietbet is actually a little higher that my "true" weight because I have to be clothed for the photos!

Really exhausted all day. Probably a combination of bad food and the usual tiredness I get from hosting a dinner party. I had several mini-naps (too noisy to sleep with guitars and children and everything) but could hardly keep my eyes open.

I was definitely craving fresh healthy food. I tried the poached eggs function on my egg cooker and it worked well. Eggs, cucumber and a nectarine for breakfast.

Tomato soup for lunch.

A cup of tea in the afternoon (still no sugar!). I wasn't very hungry all day. Then around 5 pm as I was preparing the roast for dinner, I was suddenly ravenous! No wonder, I'd only had around 300 calories so far. I could have had a little snack to tide me over, but I knew there was a delicious dinner on the way if I waited so I did! And I piled up my plate. And wolfed it down. I didn't eat quite all this, because the kids stole half my diced mixed vegetables (curses that they ever discovered how good that is!).

Hopefully I'm now fully recovered from the excesses of yesterday.

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  1. Look at those little perfect eggs! Can you post a pic of your egg cooker please?