Saturday, January 23, 2016



We had a lovely housewarming party lunch today. The relatively small number of people just meant I got to spend more time with each one. I did eat a bit more and different foods than usual, but I mainly focussed on the people. Actually, as usual when I'm hosting I am too busy cooking to eat much. This evening I put together dinner out of leftovers but we were all to tired (or full) to eat much.

Two of my old High School friends came. We didn't see each other for many years but then reconnected on Facebook and I've seen the one who was my best friend a few times over the past five years. It was interesting to catch up. My uncle and aunt brought my 97 year old grandad, he's a bit deaf and finds stairs a challenge, but he still lives alone in his own house and is going strong. They were the only ones from my side of the family.

Now we have a house full of leftovers and unhealthy snacks. And I'm not going to throw the treats away because it is Jasmine's birthday next weekend and I can use them then. But it's going to be a challenge.


  1. My wife's 10th year high school reunion was last year, and then it ended up being cancelled. Facebook has kind of watered down the importance of those things nowadays.

    1. Facebook a handy tool, but I get sick of some people's constant stream of posts. I've culled down to people I actually care about.

  2. You have more willpower than me to have the leftovers remain! They would never make it to Jasmine's birthday if they were in my kitchen.

    I only succeed with my weight when I remove the temptation.