Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dietbet win!


My dietbet weigh-out was either today or tomorrow, I needed to be 81.1 kg. I jumped on the scales this morning - 81.2 kg - only 100 grams over! So close! So I waited around a while until, ahem, I used the bathroom, then weighed again. 81.3 kg. What the? How is it possible that I gained weight? I waited for another hour without eating or drinking and weighed again, 81.1 kg! Yay I win! Weigh-out submitted and approved. So I've lost 3.4 kg in just over 4 weeks.

The only problem with dietbet is that it's easy to think, "I won - the dieting is over!" Of course it isn't. I still have lots left to lose. I am going to join another dietbet, I love the chat and encouragement on the activity boards. Harder now that I've already lost the water weight, but I'm going to try.

By the time of my second (too heavy) attempt at a weigh in, Tim was about to leave for work so I couldn't go for a walk (I don't leave the kids alone, although they are probably old enough, and they weren't ready to go out), decided to do something later. We had quite a busy day planned getting school stuff finalised for tomorrow. I don't usually leave things last minute like this. We were out getting tap shoes and pencil cases and extra school shirts and all sorts of things. Still quite a few things we haven't got yet - like apparently Jasmine is supposed to have her own laptop or iPad! This is at a regular government school, they say they need to keep up with technology.

In the afternoon we walked up to the library, so that was my exercise done.

I had some store loyalty points to spend and I ordered a stick blender and an egg cooker, and they arrived the other day. I tried the egg cooker this morning. I made two "soft boiled" (actually they were steamed) eggs and they came out perfectly. I usually struggle to get the timing right so it was really good to have a machine to do it for me. I wasn't sure what to do with them without toast, so I just ate them by themselves, with some vegetables on the side. And a cup of tea.

Aren't they pretty!

Any suggestions on what to have with eggs when I can't have toast? I don't like smoked salmon or avocado which seem to be in a lot of breakfast recipes. The same machine will do "poached" eggs, you crack them into a little tray which sits above the water like the "boiling" method, so they are actually steamed too. Or would you call that coddled eggs? I'll try that another morning, it would be nice not to burn my fingers peeling hot eggs. Of course you can also hard boil.

Lunch was some rotisserie chicken and salad. You may have noticed I say salad when I actually mean a couple of raw vegetables cut up and served apart, not mixed up in a "salad". Same difference.

In the afternoon I had an orange and a cup of tea (maybe I'm getting used to no sugar, a bit?), then dinner was a lamb chop, zucchini, broccoli in cheese sauce, and a bit of tomato for colour. About 60 calories over today. But cheesy broccoli is so delicious! Dairy is good for me, right?

I feel like that was another good day. Very happy with the dietbet win. Tomorrow might be a bit more of a challenge, I'm probably having lunch with my sister-in-law near her work as I'm going shopping there for birthday presents for Jasmine. I'll have to make very careful choices. I can't believe Jasmine will be 12 in a few days, and in High School tomorrow!


  1. Such great meals here! Congrats on a very good day.

  2. Store loyalty programs here are often pretty terrible. The only that gives you much is some grocery stores let you earn "fuel perks" where it takes some cents off of every gallon of gas at certain places that partner with them.

    1. We have the fuel perks too, which I never use because I don't go specifically to the partner place.

  3. I like eggs served over cooked vegetables (I prefer zucchini, grated carrot and spinach). Alternately I eat it without eggs but with added tofu and soy sauce.

    1. Sounds interesting. Kind of an upside down omelette.

  4. Those eggs look GOOD!! The Cafe near my house does sweet potato hash browns with eggs on top and they are divine!

  5. The eggs turned out wonderfully Natalie! I have been thinking of buying one of those cookers so it's good to see they do actually work. I like cheese on my eggs. When I make a scramble or omelet I also include things like spinach (don't laugh; it's quite good!) onions or some peppers.

    Well done on your diet bet! That's wonderful that you did so well. You should feel quite proud.


    P.S. which child is taking tap? I am so happy to see that it's still taught. I loved tap class when I took it back in the stone age.