Sunday, January 10, 2016

Walking in water


We went to a semi-local swimming pool complex today and stayed in the inside bit out of the sun. Tim played with the kids who had a great time, Nick spent half an hour coaxing Emma into the ankle-deep toddler pool, and I walked. They had a dedicated "walking lane" next to the swimming lanes (I can't swim, at least only in a dog-paddle, although I float very well!). Because I am very short, the water was up to my neck which made it quite challenging, but I used my arms to help me and it was really enjoyable. A lot of the issues I have with exercise were just not there. It was a nice temperature and I never got too hot. No flies. Gentle on my dodgy joints. I planned to do 15 mins, extended it to 30, and then ended up doing an hour! Sometimes I walked forwards and sometimes sideways. Tim thinks I might feel it tomorrow.

In the afternoon I listened to my Headspace session and had a half hour nap. Then I ran our Dungeons and Dragons game for Tim and the kids.

I ate carefully during the day, then we went to Nick's for dinner. I was pretty hungry already, and when they said dinner was going to be late I caved straight away and ate some of the unhealthy appetisers they had put out. But I ate a moderate amount of dinner and no dessert, in fact when dessert was being prepared I could see Aiden was bored with the adult chat so he and I went for a walk! It's summer here so it was still light and a very pleasant temperature. We went down, and then up, a very very steep hill. 25 minutes walking. Back at the top of the hill my heart was pounding crazily. Aiden joined dessert but I stood outside a bit longer to try to cool down, I overheat very easily. I rather missed the cool pool!

After dinner Nick challenged me to a sporty XBox game and I agreed straight away but on the inside I was wondering how much more exercise I could do today without collapsing. However it was a new game that was taking a long time to set up profiles for and it was past the kids bedtime so we ended up leaving without playing. But I suggested making an afternoon of it sometime.

I've organised a free 5 day trial pass for the local gym so I plan to try that tomorrow.

So today I get ticks for exercise and mental health, I did pretty well with food but I had been hoping to get through one day without any unhealthy treats and didn't make it. Pretty good day.


  1. I can't swim either and and also very short. Just 5'3" so water up to my neck would have been scary!

    I also have dodgy joints and have heard that water exercise is the best thing so good job on getting in there.

    Don't be too hard on yourself about eating the appetizers before dinner; it's very hard when you're hungry and see tempting things. It sounds like you did well with the dinner part and very well to have skipped the dessert.


    1. Thanks Mollie. The water was really nice on the joints, and I wasn't sore the next day so it was a pretty good exercise for summer.