Sunday, January 3, 2016

Better day


Week 1 of my new eating plan done! So how did I go? I started at 84.5 kg, down to 83.0 kg, so that is 1.5 lost. Nice, but that was nearly all in the first two days, I need to get the wriggly line moving down again. I was pretty good with the food except for the past two days when I definitely ate a lot extra including treat foods. I also didn't drink all my water on the weekend, or exercise yesterday. Bit of a slump at the end of the week.

I have been really tired the past couple of days - "can hardly get out of bed" tired - and I may have been a bit sick, or it may have been my body adjusting to much lower carbs. Apparently if you stick to it your body switches over to burning fat instead. My diet isn't super low carb but I get carbs from fruit and vegetables not bread or biscuits. I still have things like potato and mangoes that LCHF people would turn away in horror from. Before the weekend I felt pretty good, and wasn't hungry very often except right before meals (when you SHOULD feel hungry!) so I'm sticking with it and I felt much less fatigued today.

Tim is back at work today after the Christmas/New Year break, but he has more time off later in January. The kids don't go back to school until the end of January, this is their long summer holiday. Today we only went to the library and did the grocery shopping. Pouring rain all afternoon, too heavy to even want to go out in the car. It's going to be a cool rainy week so I need to plan some indoor activities. Urg, Chipmunks movie I guess.

Nectarine and yoghurt for breakfast.
I always remember to photograph my breakfast but not other meals, I guess because at other mealtimes I am hungry and wanting to dig in immediately, breakfast not so much. Lunch was rotisserie chicken and salad. For an afternoon snack I roasted some vegetables in the oven. Dinner was san choy bau - pork mince and vegetables with oyster sauce in lettuce cups. I had plenty more than this, this was just the first two leaves.
I stuck to my calorie limit and had no treat foods. Very happy with that. But no exercise and only 3800 steps.


  1. Maybe I should switch to kg's. Are they easier to lose than lbs?

    1. No, harder! I could have lost 3.3 lbs by now!

  2. Congrats on a great first couple of days!

  3. I wished my work was closed for Christmas week or even New Years. We only get Thanksgiving and Christmas

  4. Wow, that is harsh. I am used to Canberra, the city of public servants, where most (government) offices shut down between Christmas and New Year. We've moved, but my husband still works for the government! My sister-in-law is in retail and she had to work most days.