Sunday, January 24, 2016

Phase two


I started today with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to my blood-sugar stabilising diet. I went for a walk before breakfast. It had been raining all night and was nice and cool, if a little moist. I walked a loop that went up the hill (every direction is uphill from here, we're in a valley) and past Aiden's school, then back through some side streets where Google Maps saved me from getting lost.

I had home made Greek yoghurt with two nectarines for breakfast. Also a cup of tea: milk, no sugar. I've been going back and forth on that one; normal sugar, half normal, none. No sugar today, but I only had one cup. Just doesn't have the same appeal.

I made a chicken stir fry for lunch. These are the chopped vegetables, ready to go (for four people).

And yum!

For dinner we had tacos. I didn't have the shells, just piled up the salad, topped with beef, cheese, jalapenos and salsa. It was so good. I didn't actually eat all this. But most of it.
And I made it through the day sticking to the rules! Go me.

In the afternoon we went out to buy a guitar. This has been a bit of a saga for me. Tim gave me a guitar around five years ago for Christmas and I practiced daily for quite a while, then not quite so contentiously, then I hurt my shoulder again and didn't play at all. Then Tim started playing it and after a while far overshot my ability. I was really jealous and I struggled with that. He's been practicing on and off for several years now, and although I could have started again when my shoulder improved, I didn't. I felt so far behind. It was sometimes physically painful for me to listen to him play, and not because he was bad!

Then just recently Tim found an app that helped teach guitar, with feedback, a bit like the game "Guitar Hero" but with a real guitar. The kids got interested and both started learning, although the guitar was a bit big for them. Aiden had to lie it flat on his lap. I wanted to join in but was too jealous. Isn't that silly. Well, I did play a little in secret when they were out. And of course I'd forgotten everything. So much calendar regret. And a bit of resentment that my guitar had been taken over by everyone else. But because I am very short and rather plump, I found the full size guitar difficult to hold comfortably, so I made the suggestion that we buy a 3/4 size guitar so that I could start playing again. Tim then suggested we get it for Jasmine for her birthday! Oh boy. I felt so selfish and such a horrible mother, but I didn't want that. I didn't want to be borrowing someone else's guitar, not even my daughter's. So I kind of insisted we get a "family" one. We went out and chose one. Turns out Jas likes the full size one better anyway, so Aiden and I will use the little one. It is so much more comfortable for me to hold.

Came home and I played one song with the app then it kicked me out, saying free time for the day was up and I had to wait 12 hours before I could use the app again unless I paid for premium! Time to give up?

I always wanted to be able to accompany myself when I sing. I may not be able to play a musical instrument, but I have a nice singing voice.

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