Thursday, January 14, 2016



Feeling much more cheerful today.

Today was the "hotter than the devil's armpit" one forecast. We stayed inside with the air conditioner struggling. Tim tried to do some washing up (our dishwasher is being professionally examined tomorrow) but hot water on a hot day was too unbearable. We spent a lot of time on computer games.

Around 2:30 it got darker and darker, then we had a nice little storm which cooled things down. We thought it was over and Tim drove the kids over to grandad's, around 10 mins away, and the main part of the storm caught him on the way there (and back again). I was a little worried but they got home safely. Some parts of Sydney are having rather severe weather.

Most of the birds don't visit any more. I stopped feeding the magpies and even shooed the persistent adolescent one away because he was making a mess on my outdoor furniture. The kookaburras just stopped visiting, I don't know whether I wasn't putting out food regularly enough (I didn't like to leave it rotting in the sun) or whether they just didn't need me anymore once nesting season was over, or if they've moved away. Sam the butcher bird does still visit every couple of days, if I have something handy I'll feed him but I don't buy meat especially for him and have it cut and ready like I did at first. And I haven't seen Boris the lizard. I wonder if everyone will be back in Spring?

Today I had some chocolate with my afternoon cup of tea. It wasn't a lapse, it was a planned indulgence. I'll see if it has any negative effect but it seems fine, hasn't sent me into a downward binge spiral. Otherwise healthy food all day. Of more concern to me is the upcoming Sunday, we'll have visitors in the afternoon and then family dinner here, so I'll be providing food. Mostly healthy, but some not. Do I buy any treats that I like, or only things that won't tempt me? Last weekend I wasn't able to stick to just a small amount when we had friends over. Maybe nothing unhealthy I like in the afternoon (when I don't need to be eating anyway), healthy dinner, then have a little bit of dessert right at the end.

My weight has daily fluctuations, as you would expect, but the overall pattern is downward. I don't want to do anything that will sabotage that.


  1. I would buy only things that didn't tempt me. It's easier for me to turn down something in the store than it is once it's in my home!

    Enjoy your Sunday visitors.

  2. I have some advice that could really help. We live in the desert too, and our HVAC unit was in the yard in the direct sun all day. We bought some tall outdoor plants and placed them around the unit. Once they took and the shade was cast on the unit, we noticed immediately our house was cooler and the unit ran less.

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