Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sleep, beautiful sleep


Mostly these days I get around 6 hours sleep a night, 7 if I am lucky, and often need a nap during the day. Yesterday I was feeling tired and a bit unwell all day, went to bed early last night, and slept TEN HOURS! How awesome is that! I was doing a little internal happy dance about it this morning.

Not quite so happy about continuing tiredness throughout the day. I had no interest in breakfast and just had a cup of tea, and a nap. I did have lunch, then another nap while Tim took the kids out. When I woke from that one I was feeling much better ... and very hungry. Unfortunately I dove into high calorie foods. Chocolate, cheese, cashews, and a couple of bites of a lemon cupcake my husband made yesterday (I managed to throw the rest away). Not great choices! I should have prepared myself a proper healthy snack.

I had a normal dinner but ended up with my highest calorie count this week, and over my self-imposed limit. Not very happy with myself about that. And no exercise. Well tomorrow is Monday, always a good day to refresh and restart.

And I got a lot of sleep!

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  1. Sometimes we do need that extra long sleep