Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Circus Oz


This afternoon we went to see Circus Oz, an acrobatic-style circus. Just fit athletic people doing amazing things, no animals. It was an hour drive away and we didn't know exactly where it was, we drove around nearby streets looking for parking and found a good spot about 1 km away - anything closer had a 1 hour parking limit. 1 km is a negligible distance except that it was really stinking hot. By the time we got there I was feeling pretty overheated. We followed some other families up a side street (not actually the advertised address, although only a couple of hundred meters away) to the Big Top set up in grassy area surrounded by a water park and restaurants - and also a multi-story car park! Oh well. The mini tent antechamber was about 50 degrees C so we all had ice cream. Medically necessary I assure you! Then they let us in the Big Top where it was thankfully air conditioned, so only uncomfortably warm instead of "I'm going to need an ambulance in a minute" hot.

The circus was great! It was fairly small, about 12 performers, and we were in the second row so quite an intimate experience! They had a unicyclist carrying a girl in various lifts, a girl with a dozen hoola hoops, acrobats, trapeze, juggling, most of it with a bit of humour added. We weren't allowed to take photos (I assume it's dangerous if you distract a trapeze artist at the wrong moment) except when one guy came out to pose specially for us. He said he was a triple threat: not singing, dancing and acting; but gay, indigenous (Aboriginal) and adopted!

Long drive home in lots of traffic, we picked up Chinese for dinner. We made it home just before the rain started, hopefully it cools everything down a bit because it is sweltering here right now.

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  1. I've never been to that type of circus. I don't know if any come by this part of America