Friday, January 8, 2016



Today we walked up to the library and also brought home a few items from the shops (healthy of course) so that is a tick for exercise. And I've downloaded the meditation app Headspace and listened to one session, so that is a tick for mental health.

I listened to 10 free sessions of Headspace quite a while ago and liked the app but decided it was too expensive to subscribe and went for a couple of free downloads from another source instead, which I listened to a few times. This week Headspace had a New Year deal with 3 months free if you signed up for a year so I decided to get it. There are plenty of daily meditation sessions of 10-20 minutes, plus some sessions and courses covering particular subjects. I told the kids I'd be afk* for a little while and lay on my bed while I listened to session 11 (having done the first 10 last year) and also the introduction to mindful eating. I was interrupted by Aiden twice, and also dozed off for a while, so I'm not sure how much I absorbed.

Breakfast was Mediterranean omelette, although I should probably call it a frittata or something instead as it's really a huge pile of finely diced sautéed vegetables with two eggs poured over and cooked until set. Not enough egg compared to the filling to call it an omelette. Today it was too big and I wasn't really enjoying it and didn't finish it. Probably the first time on this diet plan that I haven't enjoyed what I cooked. I created this the very first morning but was still in virtuous mode then when I didn't care so much what I was eating as long as it was healthy. I think this recipe will be out of the rotation.

Lunch was chicken and salad, and I finished off the home made tomato soup for an afternoon snack. For many years I thought I hated tomato soup, having only tried it out of a can (yuck!) but then I finally tried making it myself. Delicious! Of course it's more time, work, and mess that way, but definitely worth it. And much healthier of course. Steak and salad for dinner. Chocolate immediately after dinner when I thought I was full and satisfied, but it fell into my mouth anyway. I am so good all day and then I seem to have this weak moment every evening.

We moved here two months ago tomorrow. Feels like we've been here forever, to me. Tim still feels like it's a temporary work placement and not home yet. I think he puts much stronger roots down than I do. I've practically forgotten our old house, and I'm certainly glad to be done with all its little faults.

I will continue to work on all aspects of my health journey tomorrow.

* afk means away from keyboard, if you're playing an online game with someone you tell them this if you're going to be away from your computer for a short time so they don't wonder why you aren't replying, killing monsters, healing their character instead of letting them die etc

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  1. I remember afk being used when I was on Aol Instant Messenger many years ago