Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recovery Day


My sunburn was very sore today. Jasmine and I stayed inside away from the sun all day, except for a quick trip to the shops for me and Aiden who needed a haircut. I have one particular area which is extra painful and looks a bit different to the rest, I think I have damaged a lot of layers there. Because its my knees, it hurts to walk.

Jasmine's burns are less intense but more widespread. I worry more about her burning, frequent sunburn in childhood puts you at high risk for skin cancer. She is so extremely fair skinned that she burns often.

Good food today, I feel like I have a handle on that at the moment (but I'm not complacent!). Even so indeed to tighten some things up a little. Like my portion sizes. Water intake has fallen away and exercise is pretty much non-existent. I always have an excuse, waaa waaa it hurts to even walk how can I exercise? I'm doing my meditation every second or third day, I need to be more consistent with that. And sleep is terrible as usual. I'm doing ok, but I can do better. Progress every day.

The kids start their school year in the middle of next week, I need to be prepared to get into a routine of writing and exercising. I've had some ideas for fixing the problems in my novel, but actually getting the work done is a different thing! Still not sure what I'm going to do about exercise. I sent a email to a local Tai Chi studio but they haven't got back to me, they may not be open for the year yet but should be in another week. Tai Chi is a kind of moving meditation, gentle exercise with slow movement and stretching. The reason I'm going for that rather than yoga is that it is all done standing up (I think). This place has two daytime sessions a week. I've always wanted to try it.

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  1. So sorry about your painful sunburn. I, too, am having trouble sticking to a plan this last several weeks. Maybe having the kids back on schedule will help you stay on one, too. Feel better!